Hello, World!

This is like the twentieth time I publish the first post in a blog. Hopefully I stop writing first posts and start writing other articles for the first time.

So, here is what I hope to achieve here; my plan is to publish what I intend to work on, projects and whatnots, and commit to them. Kinda like an online todo list / journal / documentation thing for my side projects. I’ll start by writing short posts and updates to the blog and add on that as I go.

This website is built using Hugo and hosted on Gitlab Pages. My plan was to make my own static site generator using BusyBox for maximum portability and because I don’t wanna use 300+ MB Docker image in the CI/CD. But since I’m the laziest a person can be, I’ve settled to using Hugo with a slightly modified Cactus theme.

That’s it for now. Thanks and goodbye!